The Making of “American Terrorist”

I wrote American Terrorist before the events in Ferguson, Missouri, and the related unrest that sparked a vigorous debate about law enforcement’s relationship with African-Americans and police use-of-force doctrine nationwide.
I wrote the novel because ten years ago I was jacked up by police, and for ten years I’ve been…CLICK HERE TO READ MORE


The Making of “Courage”

A lot of history and western readers know the Pinkertons were also known as cowboy detectives or frontier detectives. But did you know that the Pinkerton National Detective Agency actually hired Black cowboy detectives and cowgirl detectives?
Indeed, they were…CLICK HERE TO READ MORE


The Making of “Warriors”

The “military experiment” of Blacks serving in the army is one of the better-known historical pivot points. Warriors is chronologically the…CLICK HERE TO READ MORE

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