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easy thrillersYears ago (when I was writing westerns) I learned that there is a “formula” for that genre, so it shouldn’t have surprised me that there is a similar formula or template for writing thrillers. If you ever wonder how the most popular authors in the genre continuously produce excellent thrillers, Rob Parnell [Google Plus: +Rob Parnell, Twitter: @robparnell] will tell you how in his latest reference, “The Easy Way To Write Thrillers That Sell.”

The thriller genre has changed over the last twenty years and Parnell discusses the how and the why of it, as well as the essential ingredients that must be in the modern thriller. Sure, you can deviate from the modern form and function, but you run the risk of alienating your readers. As Parnell points out, thriller readers are an astute bunch of folks and they have particular expectations.

“The Easy Way To Write Thrillers That Sell” is a short book and a quick read, but it’s stock full of useful tips and strategies for crafting a successful thriller. He didn’t invent this stuff. In fact, he gives plenty of examples of highly successful authors that write their thrillers this way.

For example, he covers everything from the essential combination of characters to how to create and maintain tension to the “right way” to do research to a nifty method of saving a lot of time and effort by plotting your thriller from the END to the BEGINNING. And he gives us a single continuous example as he creates a template for a thriller that follows the techniques he presents in the book.

Seriously, if you want to write quality thrillers the right way – that sell – this book is for you. Look, you can spend hundreds at conference workshops or you can get this ebook for less than $5US. It’s a must-read for thriller writers looking for success.

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Structuring Your NovelIf you’re serious about your writing craft and ONLY buy ONE how-to book this year, make it “Structuring Your Novel: Essential Keys for Writing an Outstanding Story” by K.M. Weiland. All successful authors incorporate these essential elements of structure in their novels. Also, all READERS inherently realize that if your book is NOT structured properly, they’ll get confused or bored and never buy anything else from you.

This is the book that explains why an agent or publisher says he/she can tell if your book is ready for prime time by reading only the first chapter or first ten pages. It gives specific insight why many excellent writers keep getting rejected or why very talented indie authors can’t get those rave reviews.

In the first half of “Structuring Your Novel” (which I read in a day) Weiland tells us the specific essential elements of a novel and precisely where they should occur in your story. She uses multiple bestsellers that everyone has heard of to illustrate those structure elements. In the second half of her book Weiland gives us an iron-clad formula for crafting perfect scenes that your readers (or agent or publisher) won’t want to put down.

In fact, I compared a couple of my novels to Weiland’s criteria. My 1997 western “The Peacekeeper” from Walker & Company (now called “Legacy of an Outlaw”) had perfect structure, but I’d expect that from a major New York publisher. A couple of my other upcoming novels… well, they still need some work.

 The problem for authors is that publishers and agents won’t tell writers why they’re rejecting a book, so a lot of writers don’t know they need help with structure. Of course, you can go to writers’ conferences and shell out a few hundred dollars for courses that teach structure. Or you can pay your professional editor a couple thousand dollars to tell you what Weiland teaches in a $4 ebook!

“Structuring Your Novel” is the kind of how-to book that, even if you only read the first half, you’ll be miles ahead of 99% of other writers. It’s a must-have resource for all writers (and multi-published authors) who want to take their writing career to the next level.

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