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March 27, 2015 | Albuquerque, NM

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What if the police came for YOU?

Jeffrey Poston, author of the 5-star novel American Terrorist: Where Is The Girl? is bringing visibility to issues behind today’s headlines: police violence, racism, and the constant threat of terrorism.

In a story inspired by a real life personal event, Jeffrey Poston has woven an intricate and suspenseful tale with a very realistic view of police use-of-force doctrine and the power of the government in attempting to prevent domestic terror attacks. American Terrorist weighs the value of finding a kidnapped child against the cost in collateral damage – lives destroyed or lost.

Poston’s books have been well received, garnering 5-star reviews from all corners of the country. Grady Harp, an Amazon Top-100 Hall-of-Fame reviewer, says American Terrorist is “one of the most poignantly important novels about life as we are experiencing it, in the US (and the world), yet encountered. This man writes with the passion of a crusader, but never steps away from allowing his story to speak on its own.”

In an interview, Poston said, “Because of what happened to me, I wanted to discuss an important racial issue in a way that educates and entertains. So what if an innocent Black man was mistaken for a criminal and assaulted by federal cops who take everything from him? What if he goes berserk and decides to do to them what that they did to him? But what if he is the only person in the world who can find a missing child who will surely die if he doesn’t find a way to work with the same police who destroyed his life?”

Jeffrey Poston is the acclaimed author of several fast-paced adventure thriller series, and has received rave reviews of his Jason Peares historical western series. Blending traditional and revisionist historical research, his westerns have been praised as “fast-moving” (Kelton) and “exciting, page-turning” (Zollinger) and “among the best writers of westerns” (Biblio.com). Before pursuing a writing career, Jeffrey has an electrical engineering degree (laser optics) and was an Air Force officer and gentleman. He lives in the great American southwest in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Read more at www.jeffreyposton.com.


Jeffrey Poston’s contact info – email: jeffrey@jeffreyposton.com cell: (505) 228-8828.

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