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American_Terrorist 200x320Everyman Carl Johnson’s mundane life is turned upside down when mistaken identity makes him the target of our government’s Terror Event Response unit for the kidnapping of Madam President’s daughter. Brutality and torture and the needless shooting of his only son cause him to spiral beyond reach of the most elite, highly trained agents while he attempts to uncover the plot behind it all and rescue the girl.

In a story inspired by a brush with police brutality, Poston brings visibility to issues behind today’s headlines: police violence, racism, and constant threat of terrorism in this intricate and suspenseful tale of police use-of-force doctrine and power of government. “I wrote the novel because ten years ago I was jacked up by police, and for ten years I’ve been dealing with the trauma of that experience. This is a work of fiction, but the perceived violence of police against non-white citizens is a complicated topic. What I’ve tried to capture in this story are the thoughts and feelings and fears of a wanted man trying to deal with the loss of his family, his dignity, and his very reason for living.”






About the Author

Jeffrey Poston - AuthorJeffrey Poston is the acclaimed author of several fast-paced adventure thriller series that have garnered many 5-star reviews on Amazon. He has also received rave reviews of his Jason Peares historical western series. Blending traditional and revisionist historical research, his westerns have been praised as “fast-moving” (Kelton) and “exciting, page-turning” (Zollinger) and “among the best writers of westerns” ( Before pursuing a writing career, Jeffrey obtained an electrical engineering degree in laser optics and was an Air Force officer and gentleman. He lives in the great American southwest in Albuquerque, New Mexico.



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Twitter: @booksbyJPoston
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