Carl Johnson, known as the American Terrorist, takes on today’s most controversial news headline: Police Brutality. While tracking leads to find those responsible for the assassination attempt on America’s first female president, Carl Johnson finds himself in a confrontation with militarized police in a major US city. To protect innocent civilians, Johnson has to defy laws which clearly support the police and the government.

This fictitious but heart-wrenching story tackles the complex social issue of Americans versus Americans, and takes a deeper look at who stands to gain from the hard-line stance many police units take against protesters. If this topic, covered in today’s real news coverage, disturbs you, then you won’t want to miss this free short novel, “HEAD SHOT”.

It’s coming July 1 and it’ll be free… but it’s only available right here or on my website Put your email in, and reserve your free copy of the short novel “HEAD SHOT” today.

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