brainrushIt’s a darn good thriller! That’s the bottom line. I found Richard Bard quite by accident. His website was attractive, his book blurb compelling, so I thought I’d give him a read.

Bard has all the ingredients of a good thriller in his book. In particular, his hero character was a flawed every-man kinda guy who grew into his new “skills” (that’s all I can say without giving spoilers!) gradually as he faced his adventure. Like most thrillers, our hero became larger than life but the novel was so well written that a reader can easily suspend one’s disbelief and truly accept the hero’s new skills with ease. I particularly liked the way our hero learned of his new skills (and how to use them) as we – the reader – did. So I was actually embarking on this adventure along with him.

Our hero had an impressive array of talented sidekicks who had surprising, though normal, capabilities of their own, and I enjoyed being kept guessing as the various interrelationships developed. I ended the book wondering how this crew would continue to grow in the next book.

Brainrush didn’t start as intense as I like my thrillers, but maybe that’s just me. In fact, I didn’t find the “hook” until the end of Chapter 4. But when it hit me – BLAM! – I was captivated the rest of the way.

The ONE thing I couldn’t quite wrap my brain around was the bad guy’s motivation. Early on it seemed like he was creating a very capable army to subvert the US from within, but then there was also this extraterrestrial “thing” that became more important to the bad guy, although I was never sure why. I’ve thought about this for a couple weeks, but I still haven’t figured out how those two motivations relate.

Regardless, the adventure was well written with great editing and no typos. Bard tossed in plenty of cliff-hanging chapters that kept me satisfied and he gave us a very cool team of well developed supporting characters that I look forward to reading more about. And there was a cool twist at the end that made a series continuation very compelling. I certainly intend to start book #2 in the series soon.

Update: I started Book 2 in the series and all I can say is… WOW! Bard puts the pedal to the metal on page 1 and never lets up!

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