When someone publishes an ebook on book marketing and it instantly becomes an Amazon bestseller, we should probably buy it, right? That phenomenal ebook is “How to Market a Book” by Joanna Penn, and she covers just about everything you need to know about book promotion and marketing, from social networking to finding your target audience to pricing to author branding to professional editing.

Discoverability is the essence of book marketing nowadays, and Penn covers the topic in great detail with specific tips and methods about how to get readers to actually FIND your book. Among the myriad of topics in her book, Penn talks about author branding and content blogging, correct social media use, and how to get reviews to coincide with the launch of your book.

Bet you didn’t know about soft-launching your book before the real launch, did you? Then there are pre- and post-launch tasks, as well as a very cool “relaunch” technique to boost sales after the initial launch. All of these methods are designed to optimize discoverability and maximize sales.

There’s also a lot of talk nowadays about building your author platform. Penn tells us exactly what it is and how to build it and how to use it to get rave reviews and pump up your sales. Don’t have a massive author platform yet? No worries. She includes a section on how to market and launch a book without a platform.

The best part about Penn’s book is that it applies to indie authors who self-publish as well as traditionally published authors, because unless you’re a consistent super-bestselling author the agents and publishing houses are going to expect all authors to know and implement their own book marketing.

My favorite part of the book is the section on professional editing. If we want our self-published books to compete well with publishing house books, we have to invest in the same kind of professional quality editing. Penn lists a bunch of editors – developmental, copy, line, proofreading – and describes the differences in type and application of each, as well as how much they charge. In fact, I interviewed three of her recommendations and hired two.

Look, you can go to expensive conferences or hire book coaches… OR you can buy Penn’s ebook under $10US and get a TON of useful book marketing knowledge. If you use only ONE of her tips, it will be well worth the price. I think the best way to utilize this ebook is to read it once cover to cover, then revisit the sections you need as you make your journey through the book marketing process.

So if you’re looking for ONE book-marketing reference with plenty of detailed how-to examples, “How to Market a Book” is a must-read for authors at all success levels.

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